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Rice Hull Gasifier

Looking for access to an inexpensive Rice Hull Gasifier manufacturer or know of technology plans to produce these units. The purpose is to provide these to thousands of refugees in an East Africa context. As you could imagine, the deforestation that is taking place for charcoal making is taking it’s toll and the government is looking for answers.

Thank you for your help.

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Have you seen this stove from Indonesia? They’ve gotten the price done to the $10-15 range.

Are you open to other ideas to prevent deforestation? I’m dealing with the same problem in Haiti on a massive scale. Here are my ideas:

  1. I’m introducing syntropic agroforestry farming (soon hope to have an easy to follow planting guide book, free for all). So the farmers are reforesting the land

  2. Also introducing bamboo carpentry to give an alternate building material, which of course matures twice as fast as the comparable tree

  3. Soon I plan to introduce a basic rocket stove, so they can burn just about anything for cooking. With a high efficiency and almost zero smoke. No need for charcoal. Saves them money and good for the respiratory health. I’m undecided on what design to use here. The best I’ve seen is high quality, but costs about $40 to make and the manufacturing is a little complicated. A plasma cutter is needed to make the steel sheet that serves as the cook top.

Best wishes,

Here is another to explore :

Thank you so much for reaching out. I will pass on these ideas to my contact in Uganda. That looks like an efficient stove. The problem in Uganda (in the refugee camps) is the lack of a source of energy for the fan on these units. The question remains if those in charge want to supply the batteries as well.

Another solution could be to make something like what you are creating in country. A manufacturing plant could produce, create local jobs (and a flowing economy), etc. Would that be of interest to you? It could be worth exploring.


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Hi Robin,

Sorry about the long delay. I just realized that my settings had been set on default to “all notifications disabled”. Just fixed that!

Anyways, If you mean am I interested in starting a rocket stove factory, I totally am. But timing wise, probably the earliest I could devote energy to it would be 2019. Also, I would be looking to start a small scale business initially. To make sure it is a sustainable operation. Most examples of this I’ve seen rely on constant financial support for NGO’s. Normally I look for projects that can be self supported. Maybe this could be an exception, if I can find other NGO’s interested in supporting it.

What are your thoughts?