Rotary weeder tool - where to get in Thailand?

Dear all,

Anybody know how/where in Thailand to purchase the rotary weeder tool used when doing SRI?

Or potentially a resource of good images or plans to make one yourself?

Thanks, M

Hi Mark,

I just picked up on this message, sorry! Yes, I think you will find Asia Note #21 very helpful. In it, you will find pretty detailed plans and sketches for building your own rotary weeder, as well as a Rolling Marker, and a Cutter. That’s just what we’ve done here at the ECHO Asia Farm in Chiang Mai, we did not purchase one anywhere.

Where are you based? Let us know how your SRI planting goes, would love to hear about your experiences.

EDIT: My colleague just passed this on to me. You can buy some weed eater attachments online on Lazada for single-row weeding. Just FYI.

Thank you so much, @Patrick_Trail! This is very valuable.

I am in MaeHongSon outside of Pai. I have visited the farm in Sansai a couple of times.Yesterday the travel restrictions lifted so I might be able visit again soon - would love to see your tools.