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Saves the fingers. What is it?

We used variations of this design as I was growing up in northwestern Pennsylvania, USA, but it could be useful in many areas of the world.

Sorry, I don’t recognize it. Please educate the rest of us.

Can’t imagine, though I gave my imagination a good work out. I’d also like to know :slight_smile:

We called it a shucking peg to assist in the removal of corn husk. My grandfather carved this one from hickory about 80 years ago and used a piece of horse halter as the finger loop. We used to make them using large spikes, as well.

Other names abound. Here is a good explanation:

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I was looking at the tool and thinking of my pop corn (which I will harvest this week to dry more inside). I was guessing that it might be useful in removing the kernels from the cob after they are fully dry.

;). Might work. Our use was husking - either from the stalk or from a pile of unhusked ears

Ashley, there are several hand shellers available in the west, but they are too expensive for developing country farmers. I’ve built a collection of hand built shellers if you would like to see what can be done on a village level setting to build a time saving tool.