Seed bank funding

My organisation in Zimbabwe (My Trees Trust - has been in the indigenous tree reforestation and conservation scene for a number of years. We have built a small community seed bank but are hoping to build a bigger seed storage facility which would be the first proper indigenous tree seeds storage (and research facility) in the country. To do this we want to apply for some sort of international grant, so that we can build a really good one with proper cooling and a good capacity, permanent staff, instead of a low-cost semi-adequate solution. Does anyone know of international grants we could apply for for this sort of thing? Cheers, Beth.

Good luck with your search Beth. I wonder why the funds need to be international - are there any local sources from government or national NGOs (even if funded internationally)? Not instead of, rather as well as. My experience has been that local (national) sources are better to create functional partnerships and networks, and invite participation from government, which further helps to advocate/influence policy and scale-up.

Zimbabwe has very little in the form of local funding, unfortunately. I’ll continue to look out for possible avenues, though. Thanks.


Hi Beth,

My name is Guin, I am a research scientist at ECHO North America Regional Center. I visited your website, and I think I have found two options that may interest you.

First, I must note ECHO is not affiliated with any of the agencies/organizations mentioned below and may not share or agree to the missions of those entities.

That said, after completing a general online search I found an organization called “Partnerships for Forest” (SEE LINK HERE). This organization connects smaller organizations with larger companies to help acquire funding. They require a proposal pitch.

USAID “United States Agency International Development” has a grant application: 7200AA19APS00013. Titled- New Partnership Initiatives. These loose grants will provide funding for overseas agencies that promote self reliance for countries outside of the US, this includes Zimbabwe. However, for this grant you would need to first be registered with USGRANTS.GOV, and a company also registered in DUNN.

Finally, there was a website called “TREE FUND”, this website provides funding for forestry research (SEE LINK HERE). I did not immediately see a limitation on the country of location, but this may favor North American studies.


That’s incredibly helpful, Guenevere, thanks!!! I look forward to exploring the links and making some applications. Thanks so much for the time you’ve put into this, I really appreciate it.

You are very welcome!

You’re welcome Beth!