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Seed Data Storage


I was wondering if anyone has information about appropriate data storage methods for community level or personal seed banks? For example, if you did not have access to internet or computers, what are your tricks or habits for keeping track of what seeds you have saved?

If you do have computers, do you use excel or are there other databases that you prefer?

This may be helpful information for others starting their own seed banks or for anyone learning how to keep track of their seeds.



Following, I’m needing to implement a better system than what we’ve been using as well. We basically have been just marking the seed containers with the vaiety, date harvested germ % at harvest and seed origin, “where we got the seed from”

Here is a response emailed to us by Axel, a member since 1981:

complete and keep a preprinted tabulated sheet inside an A4 plastic sheath for each seed provenance and
occasion, then hang or file these however and wherever most convenient, safe from rain, termites, and excessive sunlight.

Excel is best if you do have that facility;