Seedballs to regenerate nature with superfoods

I am working on the design of inexpensive Open Source hand tools to make Seedballs (Poussboul in French). Seedballs have already been used in the Sahel. They where made with a tool designed by a German university. I think the designs I have come are more efficient, lower cost…
Have you already used Seedballs, would you be interested into trying it ???
More details on my website:

Hi, I am trying to find successful ways to do direct seeding of trees. I have not tried Seedballs, but I would be interested in an appropriate technology so that farmers could make them on site.

Based on your interest, we now have a Seedball Technology collection on ECHOcommunity. Thanks for that! Please consider contributing any other helpful links or resources discovered.

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Have you seen what they are doing in Kenya with wood charcoal seedballs:

Here you can see the seedballs tools that the University of Hohenheim designed:

Est ce que dans le groupe il ya quelqu’un qui parle Français

Oui. Je travaille au Québec au Canada. Et mon principal intérêt est l’utilisation des Poussbousl (Seeds Balls) pour la plantation d’arbres et de superfoods Bio.