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Seeds for Uganda

Continuing the discussion from Panama source for plants, trees, seeds:

Whats this about? Is this to donate seeds to Uganda?



Thanks for help full info.
Am a Ugandan ecological promoter and a social worker for the last 27yrs.
Is it possible you send me seeds to plant.
I work with rural farming communities who have good soils to plant trees.
Kindly any body to assist me delivering seeds in Uganda, thank you.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kizito Richard

Its true, the community I work with have been mobilised and sensitised on tree planting yet we live in a cattle corridor where short grass and shrub are the only in community, we have experienced strong weeds breaking down houses, we depend on fuel wood, now people cannot afford two meals due to lack of wood for fuel, let’s start planting trees in homes, plots, grazing land and communal places.
Any body who can assist us with seeds for all types , timber, fruit, fuel etc.

Feel free contacting me.

Kizito Richard