Seeds & Seedlings Needed in Panama City

Hello, I am Randall from the U.S. I am visiting Panama in August 2019 to conduct a sustainable garden workshop and am in need of a source of locally grown seeds and seedlings. Anyone have info as to where I may procure these?

Thank you very much.

Randall Mc

Dear @Randall_McCadams,
I am not familiar with seeds and seedlings providers in Panama, but I found some links to local companies that provide seeds, seedlings and other agriculture inputs:
- Vivero Semillas y Plantones
- Panamco, Inc.
- Panamco Vegetable Seeds
- AgroPro Panama
Perhaps you can contact them directly to ask about what they offer.

You could also explore ECHO Global Seed Bank and look into the possibility of bringing trial seeds packets to test there. Most of our seeds are open pollinated varieties.
I hope this helps.
Kind regards,


Hi Randall,

I spent 6 weeks in Panamá March to May. I took seeds and cuttings with me from ECHO. Declared all upon entry, was allowed to take all in. I would advise working with them to get a certification for what you bring. I did not have time.

I did not look for plants and seeds in Panamá City, but saw gardens in several places. I found plants, seeds, cuttings in Boquete, Panama. Some in farm stores, farmers markets, street vendors and from local gardeners.

On Isla Colon in Bocas Del Toro, I got most plants and cuttings from local gardeners who graciously shared what they had with me. Through talking with them, I met a plant seller in a corner of the town, Delihina. She operates out of a rental shop called Over the Water Adventures. Riding around on a bicycle It was easy to spot the gardens behind houses and stop to chat with the gardeners. Botanical garden there also source of info and plants, but I did not get to visit.

On Bastimentos island, Lo Loma Lodge has a master gardener, Mr. Kelly. Rich knowledge of growing everything!

Generous people everywhere!