Seeds through Customs question from Haiti

Seeds through Customs - Jan2015
Hey all,

Can anyone help me with regulations and rules for bringing seeds into Haiti? I will be declaring about 20 pounds of seed of all different varieties. None are GMO. I can’t seem to find any resources online about declaring seed in Haiti and want to be confident that our babies (seeds) will make it through customs with us.

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What ever came of this? I too tried earlier this summer (2018) to find information online about declaring seeds, but had no luck. I just took the chance (only had a few pounds of seeds) and made it through no problem.

To be official, I’m told they require official documentation that the seeds are clean. I forgot the name of this certification. Last I checked it cost about $100 to get done and usually can be done by any large seed company. But I recall it is more complicated than that. You need to fill out some Haitian paperwork in advance too, and that has an expense.

That may make sense for 20 lbs of seed. I bring small quantities every trip I make and always pass through customs easily. But I have the mentality that its okay if it gets confiscated. Its a risk I can accept.

Here is a link to a USDA FAQ on Phytosanitary Certificates

And these lines from the ECHO seed bank FAQ may be helpful

What seeds are allowed into my country?
This varies from country to country, depending on a country’s importation regulations. Contact your ministry of agriculture for a list of prohibited or restricted plant species. Sometimes seeds are allowed even when plant material is not. You may also contact the ECHO seed bank for assistance - we can usually help you find out. Contact us at

How do I obtain a phytosanitary certificate?
We are able to obtain phytosanitary certificates for seeds being exported from ECHO’s seed bank. This process takes at least two weeks, so please allow time for order processing as well as certification. Often it is necessary to obtain a seed import permit from the importing country before a phytosanitary certificate can be issued. If you think you require a phytosanitary certificate, please contact the seed bank directly and we will be happy to assist. Contact us at

Hello from the ECHO Florida Seed Bank! Each country has different import laws, but for Haiti, as listed on the USDA/PCIT website, all seeds except vegetable seeds require a phytosanitary certificate. Vegetable seeds do not require a phyto and they are unrestricted.

A phytosanitary certificate can be obtained from your local USDA Plant Inspection Station and this document costs around $61. You need to physically bring the seeds in to be inspected and they will issue you a phyto. Double check with your local inspection agent but normally the seeds can then be hand carried, or mailed, with the document.

If you are receiving seeds from ECHO and need a phytosanitary certificate, we can handle the acquiring of the document and the mailing of the seeds if you pay for the document fee. Just contact us at Some countries require an import permit as well, so just email us and ask about your specific country’s import laws. You may have had this experience where some countries have import laws but do not actively enforce these laws. We are happy to inform you of the legal process for your specific country if you are concerned.

Happy planting!