Seeking drying solutions for Papua New Guinea cocoa industry

Hi ECHO members,

I am new to this forum and am grateful to be joining a community of passionates in agriculture and development. I’m William and I work in an innovation company solely dedicated to agricultural innovation and we help to solve pressing challenges for NGOs, agribusinesses and governments. Our company is called Beanstalk AgTech.

As part of this, we have been running an initiative over the years focused on technology transfer of solutions (new and established technologies and approaches) to solve specific agricultural value chain challenges. We do this through our program GRAFT Challenge

We have been on the lookout for solutions for our current challenge for cocoa farmers in Papua New Guinea and have just come across this fantastic community of practitioners and development specialists. I wanted to bring this to the community in case anyone had some ideas of solutions and approaches that could be considered for our program. You will notice that our deadline for the program which will sponsor selected solution providers to come into PNG to validate, and establish the bones of a commercial trial in PNG with the industry partners. The challenges are:

  1. Improve the viability of wood-fire alternative heat generation to power community-scale driers
  2. Reduce the cost of repair & maintenance for kiln & flue pipes in conventional small-scale cocoa
  3. Preserve cocoa quality by reducing wet beans’ exposure to ‘indirect’ smoke contamination

The application link is here: Papua New Guinea 2022 Challenge - Apply Now! — GRAFT but please do not hesitate to email us directly if you have an interest over this weekend. We’re glad to have come across this community and hope we have some great solutions for this opportunity.

Please feel free to email me at if you would like to connect on this.

With warm regards,


Hi William,
It seems as if the application window is closed. If not, can you post the exact application link here?

HI Isaac,

Great to hear from you. Unfortunately the program entry is closed but we are sending a list to the donors on the side.

So if you can share some more info I can also collate and send to them. Please send to

Many thanks