Seeking fish rearing information and breeding stock source

I am posting this request on behalf of Dr. Georges Djisam-Kelli, CEO of Give Thanks Foundation in Accra, Ghana:

I want help with information on Gray Mullet (Mugil Cephalus) fish. From the pregnant fish to collecting eggs to pawning to hatching, to fray-fingerlings, raising fingerlings in types of water, breeding and growing to the last stage of farming the grey mullet fish commercially for both local and export markets. Cage, stream / running water, lagoon, dam, or sea / salty water. We have some grey mullet here growing in landlocked sweetwater and some in the sea and lagoon in my locality which can be good resource material to start with but we are also interested in locating breeding stock.

I am in Accra, but we work and have projects around the country but for the aquaculture is at Anloga / Keta municipality where we have the Keta lagoon freshwater river like river Volta and its estuaries. Thanks for any information about raining this fish or ideas for breeding stock.

Aquaculture without Borders (not sure of these email address still work. If not just look up the contacts for the organization. I’m

And A good friend who I have know for years who has done aquacultural development in Uganda for 15 years and then also in Philippines the rest of his life. Copy me at

Hope one of those contacts work.