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Selective harvesting of fish

Hi there Echo world,
I’m running a small farming operation in Myanmar, and included are 1 acre of fish ponds. Local custom, when it comes to harvesting, is to drain a pond and collect all the fish, regardless of size, to sell them. This to me doesn’t seem very efficient. Are there strategies and techniques people out there use to only select the larger fish in the pond for harvest enabling the smaller ones to grow on.
Thanks in advance - Wayne

It would seem that large mesh netting could be used to catch only larger fish. Probably best coupled with partial draining.

Hi Wayne,
What Robert is suggesting is what we do here at ECHO-FL. During the dry season, when our tilapia ponds are at their lowest water level, we seine the ponds. This is done by stretching a seine net across the entire width of the pond, then dragging it from one end to the other. We then sort out the fish from the net, throwing back ones that are not up to size. The seine net will allow the fingerling and adolescent fish through so we have a good population to raise for next year’s harvest. Here is a good introductory video from Auburn University on how to seine a pond.