Source for dwarf Napier grass

Hello all,

I’m doing agricultural development work in rural Haiti and looking for a source of dwarf Napier grass. We have two cultivars of Napier grass available locally but the farmers here are hesitant to use it as it affects the growth of nearby plants (presumably because of its long lateral roots). I’ve read in “Restoring the Soil” that dwarf Napier is a better cultivar for the purpose of soil retention on hillsides, which is a desperate need here as in the area we live easily 10% of children die in childhood, many of them from complications of malnutrition. Much of the malnutrition is likely a result of poor agricultural practices and degraded soil here.

I can import it from the US fairly easily if anyone knows a source there.



“… Napier grass can be more
commonly distributed by vegetative cuttings and tillers [6], since the grass cannot produce many
seeds and those that are produced are normally very small, light, of poor quality and the spikelets
are prone to shattering [6,14]. Consequently, the seeds are considered inappropriate for propagation
as they produce weak seedlings and, as Napier grass is an open pollinated crop, the seedlings are
also highly heterozygous [6,14]. Therefore, propagation by stem cuttings is currently the dominant
practice for the distribution of Napier grass propagules [6,15].”

[Dec 13, 2017]
“What we sell is dwarf elephant grass. The tortoises like eating it better than the regular and it does not grow out of control like the tall stuff. It doesn’t not survive well in areas which receive freezing temperatures.
We are currently sold out of plants we can ship to CA, AZ, LA, and TX - but will be sterile propagating more soon. It doesn’t grow well from seed for us, so we only sell sterile propagated plants to the states mentioned above or root divisions to other states.

Is Dwarf Napier Grass local to Haiti? We have a publication for Haiti that might be of interest and help to you; it lists local food plants that are known to grow in Haiti. Food Plant Solutions | Solutions to Malnutrition and Food Security

Hi Robert, thanks for the pointer to that website. I hadn’t seen tgat one. Joel

Hi Karalyn, I’m not sure but I don’t think Napier grass is native to Haiti. I think it was first found in Asia.