Soybean Trials in Haiti at 1500 meters elevation

Hi. I would like to do some soybean trials in Haiti at 1500 meters elevation. Could someone recommend varieties to try and where to purchase. I’m also confused on dry soybean varieties verses vegetable soybean varieties. Is it a difference in varieties, or is it mainly harvest timing? I am more interested in growing for dry harvest than vegetable harvest. I read TN #17, but I can’t find a seed source online.

Black beans are a main crop in the area where I plan to do the trials, but the black bean yields are low. I’m looking for other beans that would produce better and be less risky. They already grow pigeon peas, lablab, and several types of dry beans.


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This research note deals primarily with varieties in N/S Korea. However, discussion of the impact of average temp (at the altitude suggested), length of growing season, and soil pH (et al) might add to the discussion.

You might check with:
Feed the Future Soybean Innovation Lab:

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