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Syntropic Agroforestry Planting Guide, looking for editors


I’m completing a brief, practical, syntropic farming guide for the small family farmers of Haiti. I suspect it will be helpful for any third world countries. Once completed, the guide will be shared freely with all.

Before publishing it, I’m looking for some qualified people to review it. I’ve written it with the help of an expert from Brazil, but because of the language barrier, I would feel better to have some other people read it as well.

If you are not familiar with this technique, I highly recommend watching this short video. It is this exact system that I’'ve adapted to Haiti:

Life in Syntropy


The image is an illustration from the guide.

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Hi Roger, I watched the video that you linked to, and I’d love to have a look at your document! Are you able to send me a pdf copy? Once I’ve read it I’ll get back to you about editing.



Yes! I have a pdf I can send you. You can email me at and it reply to you. Thanks.

I am a big fan of Syntropic Agroforestry! Unfortunately I’m not very familiar with the details. (I’ve pretty much just watched every Ernst Gotsch video I could find on youtube…and in english). But there does seem to be a lack of public resources on how to do it. I would love to receive this .pdf to see how applicable it might be in east Africa.

I don’t have much to offer editing it for technical content (due to a lack of Sytropic Ag experience), but I’ll give whatever feedback I can.

If that works for you:

Email with the guidebook has been sent! Thanks.

I would love to read it too, thank you!

Hi Daniella,

I hit the jackpot with editors and now have tons of revisions to make to improve the guide. I would suggest waiting until I finish those, before reading it. I’m not exactly sure when it will be done, but it may be as late as November this year.

Best is to follow my nonprofit facebook page. I will post the document there when it is ready for sharing. Here is the link:

Take care,

Greetings Roger,

I’m excited to hear about this as I’ve also admired Mr. Gotsch’s work for some time and always thought it would be applicable to Haiti. Given the interest you’re bound to have, would you consider keeping a list of emails going that you’d send the document to once it’s completed?

Very excited to read your work, thank you for taking this on!

Craig Marcklinger

Hi Craig,

I’m asking people to just like or follow my nonprofit’s facebook page. I’ll post a notification there when it is ready. If you don’t have FB, I’ll also share the document here. Possibly ECHO will support it on their platform. But for fastest access, the FB page is recommended:

Best wishes,

Great work Roger…glad to see you here at Echo Community!

Hi Michael,

Glad to be here! Thanks.

Looking forward to sharing in both directions in coming months and years.

If I can help with the editing request let me know.

I am doing a best practices paper for Echo with the double interest of satisfying a research project for the University of Missouri.


Hi Michael,

The request is still open. I would appreciate any critical feedback.

The principles section of the guide is nearly complete, and hopefully after some edits it will be ready for sharing. The most important part, the practical section is a work in progress.

What’s your email? I’ll send it to you. Do you prefer Word or pdf format?


Email is


Either format will be fine!


Ok. Email sent, with both formats.

Got it. Will go through it closely. Read it on the plane the other day but will look at it more for edits this time.