Termermite Mound as Fertilizer

I’ve read much as to the potential efficacy of termite mound as an input. But have yet to find any information or guidelines as to its application. I’m currently teaching the FGW/FfF methodology to grow maize. I’m in a remote village in Angola and therefore have no access to lime or fertilizer so I’m using wood ash and composted manure as inputs. Compost will be a future project. Anyone out there with some experience using termite mound with this methodology that can give me some guidance? I’ve soil tested termite mound. The Potassium is off the charts. Magnesium is optimal. Phosphorus is negligible. Ph is 5.4. Organic Matter is 1.7%. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


In the north of malawi maize is often grown circling up termite mounds yielding very well. We have grown planted above subterranean termite mounds with good results. Basins can be filled with crumbled up soil from mounds. Yields will improve but not as good as using quality compost.

This new collection on ECHOcommunity may be helpful.