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The Wonder Plant: Learn How to Use PawPaw to Cure Diseases with Dr. Roger Gietzen

My apologies if this posting is out of place here. However, one of ECHO members will be live on SCBC TV that broadcasts live to West Africa via Satellite at 11am EST & 4pm WAT to discuss the above topic. For those who are able to, log on Facebook and watch it live. Please kindly share to your networks. Thank you.
Here is the link that goes live at 11am EST:

With the ongoing war in Southern Cameroons, many people are unable to go to hospitals due to lack of money. But, there are natural herbs in our villages that can be used to cure certain diseases. This week on Amba Farmers Voice, we shall be talking about how IDPs, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters in G1, Ghana and GZ can start using some of these plants in their villages.

Our special guest to help us learn how to make our own medicines with herbs is Dr. Roger Gietzen, a Neurologist at McLaren Northern Michigan, Petoskey, MI. He graduated from Wayne State University, College of Medicine, Detroit, MI with a medical degree and completed his residency in Neurology at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City.

Dr. Gietzen has over 15 years’ experience as a Neurologist and has also worked as a professor with Partners in Health at the University Hospital Mirebalais in Haiti where he trained local Haitian doctors to become neurologists. He is a strong advocate for holistic medicine and offers mind body medicine counseling for those people who want to pursue resolution of their ailments in a natural manner. He has done research on the wonders of the pawpaw plant, and will be talking on how to use it to cure certain ailments.

Dr. Gietzen is also involved in humanitarian work in Haiti through a nonprofit called Global Freedom Project, where he focuses on helping the poor and needy achieve economic independence. Roger’s life is devoted to God union and his spiritual path gives inspiration to all aspects of his life, but especially to his humanitarian projects and his holistic health services. Roger is also proud to be a father.

Learning how to make your medicines from a plant that is common in our villages will be very useful for our refugees in G1 & Ghana who don’t have the money to always go to the hospital. Amba Farmers Voice wants to ensure that all our refugees in Nigeria and Ghana can stay healthy and maintain a healthy life despite the conditions under which they have been subjected to by LRC.

Fellow Southern Cameroonians, this is the new country we are fighting for. A country that ensures all its citizens eat healthy food, thereby reducing illnesses with plants in our surroundings.

To learn how to make medicines using pawpaw, tune in to SCBC TV on Sunday September 12, 2021, at 4pm Buea Time; 11 am EST. Please share this information to others to watch this important program