Title: Empowering the Next Generation: Strategies for Successful Community Development Projects

Dear Echo Community Members,

I hope this message finds you well. Today, I would like to discuss the crucial role of training the young generation in Africa and the importance of using effective strategies to ensure that rural communities embrace and support development projects.

Why Focus on the Youth?

The youth represent the future of our communities. By equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge, we can ensure sustainable development and long-term prosperity. Training programs focused on agriculture, entrepreneurship, and sustainable practices can empower young people to become agents of change within their communities.

Your Thoughts and Insights

I am eager to hear your thoughts and insights on this topic. What strategies have you found effective in engaging and training the youth? How can we best gain the support of rural communities for these initiatives?

I am particularly interested in finding organizations or individuals who can provide high-quality training to help me excel in this field. Your feedback and experiences would be invaluable.

Looking forward to your responses!

Warm regards

Côte d’Ivoire

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Welcome @Gael_N_DRI_de_la_Cot

Thank you for your contribution and questions. I was having the same vision and predicament 3 years ago. However , God came through for me through a friend who introduced me to a community leader at the Kenyan coast almost 300Km from my home in Kenya. The community leader (both a church leader and school teacher) had the same question on how he can empower his community with the resources that are available locally.
I made the first trip at my own expense and we had a chat and also talked to his community. At my next trip we organised and ran workshop/seminar on what I call Organic Gardens.
As we speak now we have a vibrant sustainable project being accelerated by #africanpromise which you can view at :

I have started a 2nd and 3rd similar project at another location at our western border county with Uganda. Currently I am looking for two other accelerators (non-profit funders) to spread this project within these two counties, meanwhile all my travels and training is funded from my family purse.
I train ToTs who are available unemployed YOUTH, who in-turn train the CHILDREN in the schools.
I hope I have jump started you my brother.

Harun Ndagwe
Kajiado, Kenya

Great work. Please read through my Initiative at REAL INITIATIVE (5).docx - Google Drive and reply me if the numerous partners and volunteers network is helpful.


Sure, here’s a friendly and warm response in English:

Hi Harun,

Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story and for your kind words. It’s heartwarming to hear how you overcame similar challenges and made such a positive impact on your community. Your journey and the work you’re doing with Organic Gardens and #africanpromise are truly commendable.

Your experience gives me hope and motivation. It’s amazing how you’ve managed to extend your projects to other regions and involve the youth in such meaningful ways. I appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge and your commitment to making a difference.

I will definitely take your advice to heart and consider your approach as I move forward with my own initiatives. It’s encouraging to know that there are like-minded individuals out there making real change. Thank you for jump-starting my journey with your valuable insights.

Wishing you continued success in all your endeavors. Let’s stay in touch and perhaps collaborate in the future!

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Thankswith me sharing Akpobome

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Thank you too Gael.
You are on the right platform. Echo Community is a great resource!

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Thanks @Akpobome_Agadaigho . I will get back to you.