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Togo resources for small farm

I work with a small organization called Operation Lift Up. we have bought a small farm in Togo Africa. I am looking for resources in this area to help us get our farm going.

Welcome to Conversations, Rachel! You will find lots of information on various plants and techniques within and the ECHOcommunity mobile app. There are a few Togo-specific resources listed here. Resources for Togo | which we will be glad to build out as new information is provided. Check out answers to questions within Conversations as well. The great thing about participation in Conversations is that questions and answers can benefit many additional people as opposed to direct emails which benefit only those sending and receiving the email. If you have specific questions, there are lots of network members who desire to share with others. How about it, friends? Any helpful words for Rachel?

Goodmorning Rachel, I would like to know where you are in Togo. I also have a little agro ecological farm in Tove Agbessia, near Kpalimé that I am running through an association called Piment Solidaire.
I would be glad to exchange with you.


Hi Rachel,
Food Plant Solutions creates science-based educational resources that identify the most nutritional local food plants. These materials not only explain how to grow them sustainably, their nutritional value, how our bodies use those nutrients and what parts are edible but also provide advice on agroecological practices. There have been two small resources created for Togo. Suggest you visit our website and send us an email for further discussion