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Translators needed for ECHOcommunity!

ECHOcommunity is made up of amazing people like you who are making a difference all around the world. We work hard to make sure that the resources available on ECHOcommunity are not just offered to people who speak English, but offered to as many people as possible.

Did you know?

ECHOcommunity natively supports 10 languages!

Keeping all of this up to date is a big job, and sometimes we don’t have the time or money to keep everything translated.

We’re looking for volunteer translators just like you.

We have opportunities for people to translate resources OR the website interface. If you speak both English and ANY other language, we would love to send you some material to translate. No offer of help is too big or small… We can send you a little, or a lot to do; every bit helps.

What languages?

We currently support

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Thai
  • Burmese (Myanmar)
  • Swahili
  • Vietnamese
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Khmer
  • Indonesian

Each of these needs some updating.

We would also like help with these languages:

  • Haitian Creole
  • Hindi
  • Portugese

We would like to offer more resources and the website interface in these languages some day.

How can I get involved?

Simply reply to this post with the language you’re willing to help out with and we’ll send you a sample of what we’re working on. You’re not on the hook if you express interest, we’ll just send you some materials so you can see what we’re talking about.

THANKS for being a part of the ECHOcommunity. Let’s make knowledge available to everyone, together!


Let´s see if I am able to help. My native language is spanish.

God bless you



I’m not a native speaker of Spanish, but I can assist someone like Wil, if that’s helpful.


I can assist with Spanish and/or Haitian Creole.


I can help in Créole (haïtien )


I would be happy to translate.


This is a great response! Thanks everyone for being so willing. We’re putting together some projects, so you should start to see emails from me in the next few days. We can still use translators, so please let us know if you can help.


I am willing to consider helping with Bahasa Indonesia.


Swahili i speak swahili


I can help with Kreyòl!!!

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It will be a pleasure to help in Haitian kreyol (Creole .)

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I can help with swahili

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I’m fluent both at French and English. So l’m at your disposal please. Je m’exprime couramment en Anglais et en Français. Je reste à votre disposition si vous voulez bien me confier un service.

NLO MANGA vendelin

I’m fluent in Chichewa (a dialect of ChiNyanja spoken in Zambia, Malawi and parts of neighboring countries) and English if either is helpful to anyone!