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Tree Lucerne Seeds in Kenya

Hi ECHO Community,

I am looking for tree lucerne seedlings in Kenya.
Anyone has an idea where I can get them here in Kenya?


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Any leads to where I can get seeds in Kenya will also be highly appreciated.
Thank you.

Tree lucerne ( Chamaecytisus palmensis L .), commonly known as tagasaste, is a leguminous fodder tree which is suited to the cool highland areas (2000 to 3000m above sea level) of tropical Africa, and especially Ethiopia. The foliage of tree lucerne is readily consumed by livestock and has high nutritional quality to be used as a feed supplement (crude protein content ranging from 18 to 24% and digestible DM ranging from 650 to 700 g/kg DM) (Mengesha et al. 2017, Bezabih et al 2018). The levels of phenolic compounds (tannins and alkaloids) in the leaves are generally below the levels expected to cause toxicity in ruminants (Assefa et al. 2008). The seeds can also be used as an ingredient in poultry rations.

Hi Fred, I have gotten input from some of our staff and in general it seems that seed is hard to find and that Tree lucerne will do best at higher elevations. And it was reported to be fairly common in highland Ethiopia. I hope that we can get more information from network members in Kenya.

Thank you for the scientific information Mr Mohamed, I read that the phenolic levels increase when the tree lucerne is flowering and also when it experiences drought as a defense mechanism so as not to be eaten by ruminants, how true is this?

Hi Bob, thank you for the follow up. Actually, I plan to plant the tree lucerne in a farm in the North Western region of Kenya, with an altitude of approximately 2100m above sea level. I still hope to find more information on seeds availability in Kenya.

Try KALRO Nyandarua for Tree Lucerne Seeds

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Dear Liz,

Thank you for the recommendation, I’ll pursue KALRO to get the seeds as per your advice.