UN SDG and Org goals

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I’ve been a reading/following/gleaning for some time, but I created an account today to up my buy-in :wink: Thank yall for being passionate.

I couldn’t find any conversations or topics via searching [here, google, or otherwise] for where a small local NGO (or otherwise) has a set of goals based in the UN SDG (2030). My leader asked me to put together some metrics for a small organization. I’m prepared to draft some that I would submit as approachable goals for our context and goals, but I would like to do some due diligence and seek out what other orgs have put together as their participation. I understand these documents may not exist, may not be public, or any host of reasons.

But in my drafting for Kuya I would like to know, for myself, that I chased wisdom and counsel of elders.

Hi Joel - this is Kate in Cuba.

The government, through an organization (I forget 30 or 40 years old) for small farmers - which includes small holdings (privately owned) patios, family farms, and now roof tops! has a goal of 1m2 per person for 2030 for production of vegetables and fruits. At the moment there is something like .8m2 per person in this type of cultivation. There is also the goal of producing 30lbs of vegetables, including grains and root crops,fruits plus 5lbs of meat per person per month for each municipality. The meat can be anything from rabbit to pig and lamb etc. (We don’t get beef - we just can’t breed fast enough and with the right kind of cattle - ours is usually a cross with zabu.
The number of small holdings etc is expanding constantly.
In our current crisis with the US trying to cut off our oil supplies, the same organization and all the municipal/provincial governments are preparing more land for cultivation very near or in the cities. Concentrating now on short cycle vegetables (mainly salads type veggies) but with a goal of longer cycle veggies as well.

If you want more information I can send more easily on email - mine is daleyvaldes@yahoo.com

Hey Kate,
Understood. I appreciate your insight of growingspace to population. Will send email.

To the community: As a chaser, if its helpful. I realize I may have choosen a poorly worded tract.

Any numbers you or your organization use to measure internally poverty alleviation, hunger seasons, access to water, etc. is helpful. I realize there are numbers provided through large global coperations – I find these percentages less useful. I trust you are working towards measuring these things.

Maybe this is my naivty, but I expect poverty measurements are based on a community comparision, stability level to be much more telling. A dollar figure only tells so much. The story based measurements do require much more involvement however.
I’m working towards funding metrics to my organization that would allow us to better measure how our teams stack globaly in their work.

By introduction, if that’s appropriate for a first post, I work in small holder ag, and a relatively young farmer (6ish years working in training ag or development ag), and am working through these goals as an escape from my language learning/home quarantine in my host culture.

To assist those who would like more information on the Sustainable Development Goals and NGOs, we have pulled together resources listed on ECHOcommunity into a collection. What other responses do you have to Joel’s initial question?

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That is very gracious, thank you for your compilation. While slightly embarrassed I couldn’t find those pages on my own (probably the most helpful piece in the files was the list of larger orgs that have mission statements categorized with the SDG. If I choose to continue further I can reach out to their info@ emails.) I also am coming to the realization that what I’m looking for isn’t typically public, which is just fine! @Kate_Daley had some advice for nailing down some specifics in an email exchange. My email will ping me if anyone else writes here I am sure. I will forge ahead looking pinpoint some specific goals for our rural context, in areas of the SDGs that are appropriate. There is wisdom for those that seek it.

What we want is common ground in bringing our org into an understanding that development work is important. And stable ways to bring that importance to reality. The SDG are potentially a good common area for that if we take our same internal measurements and use them to share/partner/encourage with local governments.

No worries, Joel. When network members pose relevant questions that are not well-represented in ECHOcommunity and placed in collections, we check to see if we can do better. If you are asking the question, it is likely other network members are, as well. Working together, we help all concerned. Thank you for reaching out! Other network members - Do you have something to share with Joel and the network?