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Velvet bean seed in Honduras

Does anyone know where I can get velvet bean seed (mucuna pruriens), preferably the non-itchy variety, in Honduras? I am in the Siguatepeque region. Thanks.

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Try contacting:

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I have velvet bean in Monjas, Guatemala. It’s about 8 hours away. I also have some Jack Bean, Pigeon Pea, and Lab Lab seed.

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Thank you to both of you. I haven’t heard from Cosecha yet, but a friend just told me about Semillas Tropicales here in Siguatepeque, and I just called them and they confirmed that they have the seeds. Looks like they also have jack beans.

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Hi @Jonathan_Burkholder, I am glad to know you found the seeds in Siguatepeque. Thanks for letting us know about Semillas Tropicales.

Do you have pigeon pea by any chance?

I do not, but I see that Semillas Tropical has that also - (Gandul – Cajanus cajan).

I have Pigeon Pea, Jack Bean, Lab Lab, and Velvet Bean available in Monjas, Guatemala. They are seeds produced from the green manure cover crop bundle from ECHO. Of course the only cost would be possibly shipping.