Waste water rapid bio-remediation

I recently learned of a promising technology, that might help people in the following situations:

  • paying for septic tank emptying/pumping or septic failure
  • waste water remediation (human/animal/industrial waste)
  • algae bloom pond/small lake cleaning

This new, inexpensive technology works by installing a small aerobic bacteria generator in whatever container you have that has dirty water. In a short period of time, the microbes consume your waste and what remains is fairly clean water. It will even remove the icky smell that you normally associate with a septic system.

The water can then be used as is for irrigation as long as you are not growing root veggies. If you want the water cleaner, they can do a secondary treatment that makes it clean enough for all agricultural purposes, or for dumping to lakes and rivers. It is all certified by US standards.

If you want to learn more contact the team at this website, or check out some of their links: http://sludgehammer.net/. They do both small and large scale work.

I just met the man who came up with this and love the small business. In the USA, they do a combination of residential septic tank installations and some large company waste water remediation. He loves to come up with new ways to use the technology, which is highly adaptable.

They recently started a humanitarian project in Honduras, for a school, and realized that this could help many others. That’s why they reached out to me. I wonder if this could help some of you, so here we go. :heart:


Thanks Roger. I added a Sludgehammer link to the Collection of resources on waste.

My pleasure. Good idea to add it to the collection.