Water magnitization

I was wondering if anyone has experience working with water magnitization technologies for water purification? We are specifically looking at the Aqua4D system but can not tell if it’s actually research -backed or just a very convincing sounding idea.

We are working with a farmer who is going to plant 0.25 hectares of apples. The farm is located in a very dry climate with limited water availability and extreme temperatures (50°C in the summer to -30°C in the winter). The irrigation water is from a well, but is very high in salts. They were looking at a reverse osmosis systems, but those systems are very expensive and have a lot of waste water. The Aqua4D pump seems like a good option if it actually works, though there also might be some issues with the summer temperatures.

Any thoughts?

I am a mechanical engineer. I do not think that it is possible to change the molecular structure of water as is stated in their materials. If this system is really true and practical, then it would be very well publicized.

Thanks Ken, we were thinking the same thing that if this did work, why wasn’t it well known. I believe there was some evidence that it didn’t work to break up calcium carbonate as that had a stronger bond, but that it did still work for KCl, NaCl etc as they had weaker bonds. It seems like that would be something quite easy to prove or not, so it’s confusing why the research isn’t there.