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Wave Pump Design

Recently, I’ve been communicating with Network Member John Makonda who lives in Geita, Tanzania just south of Lake Victoria. He was kind enough to share with our ECHO team, some information about a wave pump design he has been adapting and modifying to pump water from Lake Victoria to nearby planting beds all using locally available resources. He is working to patent and manufacture his specific design in collaboration with SIDO Tled Hub.
The most recent model of the Makonda pump is pictured here:

Here are more details about the pump: Makonda Pump details.pdf (396.6 KB)

Do you have the need for such a technology in your region?
What modifications would be required for the pump to be beneficial in your context?


Brilliant thinking, design & development, John Makonda, & congratulations on your perseverance! It sounds like a combination of the OWC technology with a hydaulic ram water lift pump? Am I right, & you have combined the two concepts? (In the 1980s, I project managed a review in UK for our Department of Energy of the development & research here into wave energy, when we looked at the various designs, including OWCs. So, I’m assuming you have looked at some of the designs used then which can be still found online?) Although I personally do not have a requirement for such a pump, I support a mission agency in E. Africa & advise them about appropriate technology (& I used to be a rep. for ITDG) & renewables. I shall be sending this ECHO link on to them. Keep at it, John & I pray soon successful commercial development. Blessings, Brian


Esta tecnología puede ser muy útil para los pequeños agricultores ribereños. Me gustaría conocer los diagramas y detalles de como construirla. O talvez un video.

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Asante kwa pongezi juu ya ubunifu wangu nimefanya majaribio mengi Hadi kufikia hapo sio kweli nimechanganya njia mbili
mimi sijawahi kuona au kusoma popote kuhusu pampu kama hii ni matokeo ya majaribio nilivyo fanya
Pia nakaribisha ushirikiano zaidi na wakitaalamu mimi sio mtaalamu na sijaenda chuo Cha ufundi popote
Matarajio yangu kuwasaidia wakulima / wafugaji wadogo vijijini na wanajamii pembezoni mwa ziwa na bahari
Pampu hii nimesha fanya na jaribio baharini kwenye maji ya chumvi lengo ni kuwasaidia wanajamii wafuge samaki wa baharini / wakulima wa mwani(sea weed) pia kuzalisha chumvi
Tunashirikiana na sido hub na pia yote atakaye penda kushirikiana nasi

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Ni kweli ubunifu huu utasaidia watu wa ziwani na bahari kwa ajiri ya kilimo mifugo ufugaji samaki na kadhalika je ungependa kufanya nasi?


As both a technical and farmer, I saw and believed from the first sight of this pump in Lake Victoria. Congratulations :clap: to John Makonda and his team. I stand to call up for joining forces from different stakeholders in order to make it sophisticated and scalable in different community living near Lakes. Looking at its impacts, I don’t Want be out of this struggle and success.

It is quite true that my creativity would really benefit many people living along the shores of the lake or the sea for self-employment and job creation almost in partnership with anyone who will go

Thank you for the compliment on my creativity i have done a lot of experiments So far i have not really mixed the two methods
I have never seen or read anywhere about a pump as this is the result of experiments I have done
.I also welcome more cooperation with professionals I am not a professional and I have not gone to Vocational College anywhere
My hope is to help smallholder farmers / pastoralists and community members along the shores and lakes
.This pump I have done and tested in the sea in salt water the aim is to help the community breed marine fish / seaweed farmers also produce salt
We partner with sido hub and also anyone who would like to partner with us

really this innovation will help the people of the lake and the sea for agricultural, livestock, fish farming and so on would you like to do it with us? .

Hi Wil!

Here is a link to a video of the wave pump by John Makonda [Aquí hay un enlace a un video de la bomba de olas de John Makonda.]

This pump is a gift from GOD. It will greatly help farmers living. The lake water supply will increase sustainable employment and crop processing

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