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Well Drilling in Liberia

Does anyone know a solid well drilling NGO working in Liberia? A school needs a well drilled outside of Monrovia.

Would appreciate any thoughts and contacts.

Be blessed,

I think Living Water International still has operations in Liberia. They were off the road to the airport on the west side up on a hilltop when I was in Liberia in 2015. Try to contact Bob Thorp or Chris Hough for info on local contact there in country.

Thank you, Larry. I will reach to those you listed.

I appreciate it.

Be blessed,

Hello Sir.

With regards to a solid well drilling, African Community Development Network is a solid well drilling NGO working in Liberia. Please contact Francis K. Tolnor Bernard’s Farm Lofa community Paynessville, for more info. / +231770229231

We will appreciate you though our contacts.

God blessed,