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Well water quality data from West Africa

Hello all-

I am conducting research on well water quality in West Africa. To be more specific, looking for any reports, data, essay, and other findings on reddish-brown water in wells especially in Liberia.

Need to determine if iron is common in well water or if it’s some other contamination.

Thank you for assistance.

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In Eastern Guinea there is a lot of red clay and I know at least one of the kardia pump in the neighborhood that regularly has to be cleaned because of excess clay in the water. They typically call a technician that basically just comes and pulls the entire pump pvc out, cleans it all really well, cleans the rods by scratching the caked sediment with rocks, then throws everything back in. They do this twice a year or so on that particular pump and the pump is at a depth of about 21m. I don’t know what the static water level is or how deep the well casing goes.



Thank you for this reply. Somehow I missed this for past 6 months. I am sorry about that.

This information is helpful and also confirms that red clay is the issue. We did have the well cleaned out completely and works fine now.

Once I am sorry for the delay.

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