Where can I find the nutritional content of Cassava leaves?

Hi we are working on a brochure and cannot find a reliable source for nutritional content of Cassava leaves.

From a previous version of the brochure, we had these #s for 100 grams of cassava leaves :
Iron 7.6mg
Calcium 165mg
Vitamin C 311mg
Protein 7.0 grams

If I could find the source with these exact #s that would be great so we wouldn’t have to change the chart :smile:

The last I checked it was on a .za site, which is now a dead link.


You can find the nutrient content of raw and boiled cassava leaves in the Food and Agriculture Organization West African Food Composition Table - section 04: Vegetables and their products. This resource was updated in 2012 and is available as a PDF or as a database. The PDF provides an explanation of the abbreviations and analytical techniques in addition to the data. The values are not identical with the ones you shared, but it would probably be better to use the updated FAO database values. The procedures for analyzing nutrients in foods are improved over time and additional samples may have been added to the database.

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Dear Jon,
The resource mentioned by Kay is a very good one to find the information you are looking for (pages 13-15). You can find other Food Composition resources (http://edn.link/foodcompositiontables) in our Key Nutrition Resources Collection (http://edn.link/keynutrition).
Thank you for bringing your question to the ECHO Community, and thanks to Kay too for her response!
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Thanks, I’ll check it out