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Who has African Moringa in Kenya?

Hi, this is Ditte from Malindi area.
Please, we are looking for some African Moringa seedlings to get some more fodder for our animals.
Any one who can help us?
Ditte Thye

Do you mean Moringa oleifera
If yes here in kigoma there are a lot of seeds and I can help you to find them
Contact me +255753019323

HI Fredrick

Thanks for your answer and offer to help us find them. We are in Kenya, where are you? Might be difficult to get it from another country.

I’m in kigoma Tanzania

My friend Caleb in Kenya has moringa seeds. Send me an email and I’ll get you connected with him.


If you need another source, KEFRI in Nairobi sells moringa seeds, both M. oleifera and M. stenopetala. I’ve found that M. stenopetala is harder to establish, and M. oleifera is more resilient and grows faster.