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Working in poor soils in Colombia

Working in poor soils in Colombia - July2016
I was wondering if anyone here is working in Colombia? I am engaged in several agroforestry and forestry projects in the llanos orientales or Orinoquia (Orinoco River basin) . My main interests are soil amendments for poor tropical soils, and how to solve problems on an agroindustrial scale, before intensive agricultural practices lead to permanent environmental damage. Our NGO does environmental and sustainable agroforestry training as well as conservation work.

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Hi, my family and I recently moved to Colombia after several years in Bolivia. I’m looking for anyone in the ECHO community who live and work in Colombia. I am interested in visiting and meeting them and their work if possible. We are spending this year exploring where we would like to buy some land and start a agroecological community. Our ministry focuses on Indigenous peoples, specifically supporting Indigenous church leaders, but I also have a degree in Agroecology, Culture and Sustainable Development and we are looking for ways to integrate that with our work with Indigenous churches and communities.