Youth Agriculture Center

Hello Family, I am base in Cameroon, our nonprofit is working to set up a permaculture agriculture procject. We have already identified a potental land we wish to use for the project. Please anyone have ideas about support and partnership opportunities? We are working with youths and rural women since 2016.

Also is there a possibility of ECHO willing to extend their progran to Cameroon. We will love to work together with ECHO as a channel to serve smallholder farmers out here in Cameroon and Central Africa Processing: 20230125_203658.jpg…

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I have built an agricultural training center at the request of ECHO 12 years ago. I am just starting in permaculture, I have 850,000 gallons of tanks and streams, no fish yet. I have 140 affordable conference beds. My project is in the same community (Savanette0 Martin Price started ECHO when it was in Haiti, not Fort Myers.
Perhaps we can get your answer together since I have the same question. You may want to look up Bill Mollison, the grandfather of Permaculture. He’s in your end of the world. New Zealand.
Jay Nielsen, , Contact me directly, this system usually fails on my end.

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Thank you so much for your response. Yes i am happy to reach you. I can do it on Monday since its weekend.

Looking forward to it.

Where are you in Cameroon? I was born in Adamawa Province and my husband’s family is from Northwest and Foumban. We are now in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.
I agree that ECHO should start assisting Farmer’s in Cameroon. The huge Monsanto company is poisoning the land and people there with products that we are working to get banned here.
Take courage, keep doing a great job​:earth_africa::earth_americas::bangbang::two_hearts::older_man:t5::woman:t3:. Wanda

Hi Wanda, I am currently living in Bamenda, North West Region. But my project is from Mbengwi sub divisions. Thanks for your response and you are very right, our lands are being destroyed everyday. Thanks again.