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My name is David. I live and work in Cambodia and have done so since 2006. I am currently working as a director at Bareebo Organization in Battambang Province.
The reason I am writing today is to inquire about buying OP seeds. In Cambodia, as I am sure is the case in many places, getting high quality seeds is difficult. Additionally, there are times when just finding OP seeds is not possible. Right now is one of those times. I was wondering if anyone new of a good seed supplier for the Indochina region? We currently have roughly 50 farmers producing organic produce under the Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS) program. However, at the present time (May 2, 2018) we cannot find the following seeds in Cambodia:

  1. Red onion
  2. White onion
  3. Broccoli
  4. Carrot
  5. Red Batta lettuce
  6. Batta Via lettuce
  7. Romaine lettuce
  8. Frisee lettuce
  9. Rocket lettuce

I am having a difficult time finding reliable seed companies that serve Cambodia. If anyone knows of a company providing this service to Cambodia, I would be very grateful for this information.
Thank you!

I am not sure if they are still around, but the Peri Urban Agriculture Center (PUAC) in Kamping Speu grows vegetables and herbs. You could ask where they get their seed. Tel: 025 987 212; Mobile 016 470 049; Email:

Hi David

I doubt you can find any open seeds for all your listed western vegetables. I think the way to do it is to get them from the US/Europe directly. For local seeds provider, Green Net of Thailand ( and World Vegetable Centre ( based also in Thailand do provide open seeds.

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