Looking for resources on maresha seeder

I’ve read about the Maresha seeder being developed in 2019. Has more progress been made since that time? Any open-source plans that might be shared?


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Hi Jeffrey!

Yes, there has been incredible progress. After several prototypes have incorporated stakeholder input, the Maresha pow and seeder is now in production. Our ECHO East Africa staff and Neil Rowe-Miller, Agriculture and Livelihoods Technical Advisor for Tearfund, sent me the most up-to-date sketches/drawings. Please find them in the PDF below.

MARESHA AUTOCAD drawings 2022-05.pdf (369.1 KB)

That is great news! Blessings on your work!!

Thank you, Stacy.

I am working with some volunteers who are interested in trying to build one. One of those volunteers, Mark Fisher, attended the ECHO conference in Fort Myers in November. He asked if you have any pictures of the finished product to go along with the drawings.

With much appreciation for any help you might be able to provide.


Just checking back in to see if you can help us with either more definition or actual pictures of the seed delivery mechanism.


Hi Jeffery,

Yes! The team sent me over the manual that has images. Let me know if these aren’t what you need. I’ll get the whole manual up and available in the next few weeks hopefully. But here these are for now:

Fantastic! I’ll send this info. along to the rest of the team.

Blessings in your work,


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