Panama source for plants, trees, seeds


I’m traveling back to Bocas Del Toro, Panama for second time to work with a non- profit called Give and Surf. They are expanding to include community gardens, permaculture and Agroforestry in their outreach to the indigenous Ngobe people.

Our team of 4 from Florida will be there March 20-26. We need plants, seeds, tree saplings and help with the SALT method, alley cropping and food forest implementation on a hillside above a pre-school and elementary school.

Sources in for plant material, expertise and team members welcomed!!



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Thanks for help full info.
Am a Ugandan ecological promoter and a social worker for the last 27yrs.
Is it possible you send me seeds to plant.
I work with rural farming communities who have good soils to plant trees.
Kindly any body to assist me delivering seeds in Uganda, thank you.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kizito Richard

I am an agricultural missionary to the Kunas in Kuna Yala and the Darien regions. We also teach SALT and have found that Flemingia and Indigo are excellent for hedge rows. The grow well are drought resistant (for the four months of dry season), and are legumes (put nitrogen into soil). When cut early they provide a good carbon source and protect the topsoil. The problem is getting the seeds. We are trying to grow the seeds at our center, but the takes time. I am 50% of my time in Panama. Currently taking agriculture classes at Texas State University Where I live in Texas.

Would love to contact with you and your organization. My email is Phone is 762-208-8002. I will be in Panama from 11 March to 26 March 2020. First half in Kuna Yala and the second half in El Cope por la Pintada. Close to Penonome. If you are driving to Bocas del Toro region you will pass close by me. If you fly, it will be from Albrook on Air Panama.


This is very helpful! I wish we were driving so we could visit you, but we are flying to Bocas.

I’ve copied the project coordinator, Taylor Love so you can get connected.

Thank you so much!


I imagine you never made it down here with the airports closing and such, but if you need help or contacts in the future if things get rescheduled. , feel free to shoot me a message. I’ve been in Panama for about 9 years now, working with Peace Corps, and have several connections in the Bocas area,


Thank you! We do hope one day to get there! Take care!


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